What Do I Do When Our Homeschool Schedule Isn’t Working?

Is your homeschooling schedule working for you?
Or…are you working for it?
Has your homeschooling schedule robbed you of the freedom of homeschooling?
Are you so concerned with staying on track that you’re afraid to venture off the schedule to find the “good stuff” of homeschooling: deeper relationships, laughter, smiles and cuddles?
If so, I urge you- Stop. Stop now.
We spent the first two and a half years of our homeschool like this. It was miserable.
These days {though many of them seem long}  are flying by.
When your child goes off to college, you won’t sit in their empty room and think “I wish we would’ve done one more math worksheet.”
You’ll wish you had another moment to share a laugh, a hug, a meaningful conversation. But for sure, another hour of math instruction won’t be a regret.
Please note- I’m not saying that having a daily schedule is bad.
Quite the opposite actually.
Schedules are good- when they work for your family.
But if your schedule isn’t working, then what do you do?
Get rid of it.
Determine why it isn’t working and start over.
Decide what needs to be done each day, and then make a plan that suits your family. If your children aren’t morning people, don’t expect them to be up and ready to start school at 7:00am. A 10:00am start may not seem ideal for you, but if it reduces stress, then really what is the harm?
Remember to add in time for spontaneity.
Don’t be legalistic. Be realistic.
Start each day with prayer, asking God to order your day the way He sees fit. Ask Him where you need to spend more or less time, and then follow His lead.
Don’t think that you need to have a homeschool schedule that mirrors a public school schedule. You’re not a public school. Embrace the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling. Know your family. Know what works well and what doesn’t and base your schedule off that knowledge.
On that same note, don’t try to mirror your homeschooling schedule on that of other homeschooling families.
And remember, there is no perfect homeschool schedule no perfect homeschooling schedule. Just when you find one that you think is perfect, something will happen. There will be life change, and your schedule will need to be tweaked again.
My advice?
Have a loose schedule. Have a plan. But allow life, interests, opportunities and God to intervene frequently. You’ll be glad you did.
Have you found a schedule that works well for your family?
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